Inland Empire Volleyball League (formally the Young Ladies Volleyball Association) was established in 2005.  Over  1,000 players have played in our league.  Many of them advanced to club and high school volleyball.

IE Volleyball League is a recreational year round volleyball league for girls and boys. The league gives players ages 7-16 an opportunity to play volleyball year round regardless of skill level. There is also a minimum play rule which requires each participant to play at least half the game.  All games and practices are located at one location on one day: one hour of practice first and then a one hour game.  There are two divisions. Each only holds 48 players per division. The divisions are divided by ages: 7-11 and 12-16.

Fee includes: clinic, jersey, trophy, paid coaches, 7 games including a season ending  tournament.  Also available to  players and the public are camps administered by experienced coaches and designed to enhance volleyball skills by focusing on players individual needs.

The fee is $139 without a fundraiser. Checks payable to Stars In Stripes.

For questions, call/text Keith Gustafson at (951) 317-8331 or e-mail

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